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Action Guideline/CSR Activities

UBE Machinery Action Guidelines

As a member of the UBE Group and based on the "UBE Group Action Guidelines", UBE Machinery has established the following Action Guidelines regarding quality, environment and safety in order to constantly provide "great products and services" that lead customers from "around the world" to choose us for their business.
UBE Machinery Action Guidelines
We will support society through our fair business activities while taking into consideration the global environment.
  • All of our business activities will be carried out based on environmental preventive maintenance countermeasures and environmental protection activities.
  • We will strictly adhere to environmental laws and regulations, and other agreed-upon requirements as we strive to prevent the contamination of our environment.
  • We will constantly work to achieve conservation of energy and resources, as well as decreasing the amount of waste produced.
We will constantly challenge ourselves to create new value and innovative technology.
  • By anticipating the needs of the times and thoroughly studying the true nature of problems, we will constantly challenge ourselves to attain ever higher goals through repeated creativity and innovation.
  • We will strive to create and expand technology and products that contribute to reducing the environmental burden and similar positive actions.
We will be conscious of our customers' diverse needs and respond appropriately to them by providing satisfying value in all of our goods and services.
  • We aim to be a company that incorporates the opinions and ideas of our customers throughout the entire product life-cycle from development and design to production and after-sales service.
  • We will constantly strive to provide "great products and services" that lead customers from "around the world" to choose us for their business.
We will always act with responsibility and speed in order to be a trusted company.
  • We aim to be a company that operates with commitment and a sense of urgency to the promises we make to our customers, to be a company that supply products and services with high quality and high safety.
  • We will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by carrying out fair business activities based on secure compliance. In order to attain and sustain these aims, we will continuously improve our management system.
We will work voluntarily and pro-actively to maintain safety and provide pleasant workplaces free of accidents.
  • We will set goals in collaboration with all our employees and in consideration of workplace safety and health risks, and review them in order to constantly improve our workplace safety and health management system with the aim of providing even safer workplaces.
  • We will strictly adhere to all laws and regulations relating to workplace safety and health, as well as agreed-upon requirements of local communities, industry groups and similar organizations, and we will also independently establish our own standards as a part of efforts to improve safety and health.
  • We will carry out educational and publicity activities to deepen the understanding of our employees and related personnel regarding our workplace safety and health policies while also seeking to improve the awareness of safety and health.

UBE GROUP Environmental Safety/CSR Activities

Since our founding, the UBE GROUP has operated under the spirit of “harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity”. In other words, the UBE GROUP was established on the principle of symbiosis with the various people around us. From finite coal as a starting point, we have promoted industry that generates infinite value and have developed new business successively sought by the era.

We will continue striving to win the confidence of various stakeholders to become a corporation that broadly contributes to society, and will actively communicate information regarding the initiatives taken by the UBE GROUP.
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