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UBE Group Action Guidelines

Chapter 1. Corporate Mission and Social Responsibility
We will strive to create new value and achieve sustainable growth as a corporation, while actively fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities in contributing to the sound growth of society.
We will:
  1. Create new value while performing our duties with integrity and pursuing our business activities in a fair manner, so as to maintain the confidence of the public.
  2. Respect individuality and diverse values, and create a corporate climate that is rich in creativity and the spirit of challenge.
  3. Aim to be professionals who possess new ideas and a broad perspective.
  4. Secure profits and achieve sustainable growth as a corporation by pursuing our business activities in a fair manner.
  5. Contribute to the sustainable growth of society, and aim for co-existence and mutual prosperity with society.
  6. Pursue social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen.
Chapter 2. UBE Group and the Law
We will comply with applicable laws/regulations and internal regulations, conducting ourselves as a member of a sound society.
We will:
  1. Comply with the letter and spirit of all laws/regulations, and refrain from illegal activity.
  2. Refrain from activity that goes against good social sense, even if such activity is not in violation of laws.
  3. Observe internal regulations and rules, while engaging in conduct that clearly separates the public and private.
  4. Refrain from any conduct that diminishes assets, credibility and public reputation of the UBE Group.
  5. Perform proper accounting and tax declarations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  6. Take a firm stand against unreasonable and antisocial demands by groups or individuals including organized criminal elements (“antisocial forces” collectively) who seek economic gain through the use of violence, coercion or fraud, while cooperating with public authorities and experts.
Chapter 3. Business Activities and Creating Value
We will develop and supply technologies, products and services that are safe and serve useful purposes, in order to earn the confidence of the public.
We will:
  1. Consistently offer safe and useful technologies, products and services that are environmentally friendly and at appropriate prices, in order to satisfy consumers and earn their trust.
  2. Pay strong attention to safety and environmental conservation of our technologies, products and services, throughout the process from development and design to manufacturing, distribution and sales, and extending to usage and disposal.
  3. Identify diverse social needs, and develop technologies, products and services that explore the future.
Chapter 4. Fairness and Integrity
We will strive to promote fair and open competition while executing our work with integrity as we pursue our business activities both at home and abroad.
We will:
  1. Engage in fair trade and competition in the marketplace, based on technologies, quality, pricing and service.
  2. Refrain from unfair practices that are damaging to competitor corporations and business partners, and refrain from pursuing profits through improper means.
    (including compliance with competition laws of each countries)
  3. Refrain from unfair or improper actions that inhibit sound and open competition in the marketplace, and refrain from practices that lead to such actions.
    (including prohibition of negative campaign on competitors’ products, abuse of brand or publicity of other companies, plagiarism of ideas, infringement of patents, copyrights or other intellectual property rights and excessive pressure on contractors.)
  4. Continually maintain sound and normal ties with governments and regulators in all aspects of our business activities.
    (including prohibition of cozy relationship with or giving bribe or dishonest profit to domestic or foreign public officials or politicians.)
Chapter 5. Safety and the Environment
We are committed to safety, and will actively and voluntarily implement initiatives to conserve the global environment as an issue facing all humankind.
We will:
  1. Aim to achieve a no-accident and no-disaster record, doing everything we can to secure safety and prevent occupational accidents.
  2. Strive to maintain and advance the health of each and every employee and officer.
  3. Implement initiatives to conserve resources and reduce energy consumption, waste and chemical substance emissions as essential strategies for conservation of the global environment, and take voluntary and continuous action to reduce the impact on the environment.
  4. Actively pursue initiatives to recycle waste and dispose of waste in environmentally responsible manner.
Chapter 6. UBE Group and Human Rights
We will respect human rights and create healthy and positive workplaces that are comfortable to work in, as we pursue our business activities both at home and abroad.
We will:
  1. Respect the dignity of individuals including their individual personalities and qualities, while promoting mutual understanding and refraining from discrimination.
    (including refraining from all inhuman activities including enforced labor, child labor or human traffic and having no connection whatever with the individuals or entities who commit such activities.)
  2. Create healthy and positive workplace environments that are comfortable to work in, in which individuals can display their capabilities.
    (including prohibition of sexual harassment or harassing behavior to others in a vulnerable position in working place.)
  3. Build and maintain positive ties between labor and management, with an emphasis on mutual trust.
Chapter 7. UBE Group and Information
We will strive to protect confidential information and engage in appropriate disclosure of corporate information, while actively and thoroughly facilitating communication with society.
We will:
  1. Protect personal information, customer information, and the information of business partners.
  2. Achieve fair and transparent corporate management and emphasize corporate accountability, in order to gain the broad understanding and earn the confidence of society. In addition, we will strive to disclose and supply corporate information to stakeholders, emphasizing accuracy of information together with fair and rapid disclosure, while thoroughly facilitating communications with the public.
  3. Take every possible precaution for the handling of unpublished corporate information (insider information) and company confidential information.
Chapter 8. UBE Group and the International Community
We will contribute to the growth of the regions we are involved in, as a member of the international community.
We will:
  1. Respect the culture and customs of the regions we are involved in, and contribute to the growth of these regions.
  2. Comply with international rules and local law/regulations, and strive to gain the trust of regions that we are involved in.
  3. Refine our international outlook and actively fulfill the role expected of us as a member of the international community.
Chapter 9. Summary: Building a Firm Foundation of Corporate Ethics
We will aim to build a firm foundation of corporate ethics, based on the UBE Group Action Guidelines and through close cooperation between UBE Group companies and our business partners.
We will:
  1. Adhere to the UBE Group Action Guidelines as a blueprint for the conduct of each and every officer and employee.
  2. Engage in precise reporting and voice our opinions to supervisor in day-to-day activities.
  3. Widely seek out the opinions of those inside and outside of the UBE Group to prepare an effective framework for the UBE Group to build a firm foundation of corporate ethics based on the UBE Group Action Guidelines.
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