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1914 Ube Shinkawa Machinery Works founded (now the UBE Machinery Co.).
1942 UBE Industries, Ltd. establishead.
UBE Machinery Works establishead as one facility.
1953 Traveling screen No. 1 unit delivered.
1954 Manufacture of vertical mills started.
1963 Large-size die casting machine developed,
machine with largest capacity in world (2200ton) delivered.
1973 Manufacture of bridges started.
1976 New injection molding machine, UBEMAX, No. 1 unit delivered.
1980 No. 1 coal storage facility completed at Okinoyama Coal Center,
stacker and reclaimer operation started.
1981 Double-action aluminum hard alloy extrusion press No. 1 unit delivered.
1982 Kosan Ohashi Highway Bridge completed (received Achievement Award from the Japan Steel Structure Association).
1986 World’s first horizontal-clamp vertical casting “squeeze casting Ebr /> machine for aluminum casting delivered. 4000ton die casting machine,
the largest capacity in the world, delivered.
1987 UBE Machinery Sales Inc. subsidiary establishead in U.S.A.
1992 Certified under ISO9001.
1996 Local production begun in U.S.A.; renamed UBE Machinery Inc.
Rollerless conveyor sales started.
1998 All-electric large-size injection molding machine sales started.
1999 Machinery division launchead from UBE Industries as UBE Machinery Corporation, Ltd.
Certified under ISO14001.
2000 UBE Machinery Corporation, Ltd. begins business.
2001 UBE Machinery (Shanghai) Pte. Ltd. establishead in Shanghai, China.
2002 All-electric large-size injection molding machine (MD1400SⅢ) was awarded Director General’s Prize from the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy to recognize Superior Energy Conserving Machinery.
High cycle New Reo Cast process was awarded The Prize of Japan Society for the promotion of machine Industry from JSPMI.
2005 The world largest clamping force 3000 metric ton all-electric injection molding machine “MD3000HW Esales started.
Certified under OHSAS18001.
2006 The world shortest length Die casting machine that has 2 platens structure and hybrid die clamping unit “UH1250 Esales started.
2008 All-electric large-size injection molding machine (MD-S V series) sales started.
2010 Global standard die casting machine (UB-iV series) sales started.
Global standard large-size injection molding machine (UF series) sales started.
2011 UBE Machinery India Private Limited establishead in Haryana, India.
2012 Entered into alliance with Toyo Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd. for production of die casting machines.
2013 Merged with UBE Techno Eng Co., Ltd.
2014 Equity alliance annouced with Toyo Machinery & Metal Co., Ltd.
UBE Machinery Mexico S.A. de C.V. established in Irapuato,Guadalajara,Mexico.
Developed and announced Hybrid Fill Casting(HFC)technology.
2015 The Genta Bridge in Tottori prefecture,constructed by UBE Machinery,awarded the Tanaka Award of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
Sale started for mid-range UB650iC and UB800iC die casting machines,developed jointly with Toyo Machinery&Metal Co.,Ltd.
2016 Concludes agreement with the National Institute of Technology, Ube College (Ube Kosen) regarding “Comprehensive Cooperation and Collaboration".
Receives the “44th Annual Sasaki Award” from Japan Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry(JAPAN TAPPI).
2017 Integrates the injection molding business with a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
2018 Ube Machinery Inc. expanded its Injection Molding Assembly Facility.
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