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Group Synergy

Introducing the Activities of the UBE Group
An industrial group centered on UBE INDUSTRIES, LTD. consisting of about 150 firms in sectors including chemicals / ceramics, cement, architectural materials / machinery / transport / trading / real estate / information processing / leisure.


Main products
Synthetic Rubber / Engineering Plastics / Caprolactam / Industrial Chemicals / Liquified Gas / Polyethylene / Ammonium Sulfate/Polyimide / Battery Materials / Telecommunication Parts / Separation Membrane / Pharmaceutical

We broaden the foundation for industry and daily life with products such as nylon resin for engineering plastics, polybutadiene rubber, electrolytes and separators for lithium-ion batteries, gas separation membranes and other advanced materials, fine chemical products designed as environmentally friendly, and Pharmaceutical business consisting of drug discovery and contract manufacturing.
Nylon 6: Automobile intake manifoldsPolyimide films:Products for tape automated bonding(COF) of Ics
Synthetic rubber(BR): Tires, golf balls, shoe soles, etc.Lithium ion battery materials and application examples
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