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Group Synergy

Introducing the Activities of the UBE Group
An industrial group centered on UBE INDUSTRIES, LTD. consisting of about 150 firms in sectors including chemicals / ceramics, cement, architectural materials / machinery / transport / trading / real estate / information processing / leisure.


Main products
Synthetic Rubber / Engineering Plastics / Caprolactam / Industrial Chemicals / Liquified Gas / Polyethylene / Ammonium Sulfate/Polyimide / Battery Materials / Telecommunication Parts / Separation Membrane / Pharmaceutical

We broaden the foundation for industry and daily life with products such as nylon resin for engineering plastics, polybutadiene rubber, electrolytes and separators for lithium-ion batteries, gas separation membranes and other advanced materials, fine chemical products designed as environmentally friendly, and Pharmaceutical business consisting of drug discovery and contract manufacturing.
Nylon 6: Automobile intake manifoldsPolyimide films:Products for tape automated bonding(COF) of Ics
Synthetic rubber(BR): Tires, golf balls, shoe soles, etc.Lithium ion battery materials and application examples

Cement & Construction Materials

Main products
Cement/Soil stabilizing cement/Construction Materials/Waterproofing Materials/Repair Materials/Coal/Electric Power

Trusted for many years, UBE's cement products ranging from ordinary and specialized cement to solidifiers have been used in the development of infrastructure. In addition, UBE building materials leverage our knowledge as a chemical manufacturer to create a broad lineup that includes interior and exterior materials, waterproofing materials, floor underlayment materials, plastering materials, and foundation materials. We are also involved in businesses including wholesale power, and are implementing new energy strategies.
A kiln at the Ube Cement FactoryHigh-chlorine bypass facility at the Kanda Cement Factory
Self-leveling materialsWaterproofing materials


Main products
Molding machines (die casting machines, extrusion presses, and injection molding machines); industrial machinery (mills, kilns, chemical equipments, crushers, bulk handling machinery, and water screening equipment); bridges and steel structures (bridges, floodgates, and steel structures); and steelmaking

The machinery business consists of UBE MACHINERY CORPORATION, LTD. and its group companies. Our machinery is highly regarded, from die casting machines and injection molding machinery appreciated by automobile manufacturers worldwide, to transport equipment, crushers, and bridges. UBE machinery is remarkable for its high degree of reliability backed by our unique advanced technology.
Die casting machineInjection molding machine
Vertical roller millKosan Ohashi Bridge
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