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2019 Report on India Die Casting Technical School

We are pleased to announce that we held the 3rd India Die Casting Technical School for UBE die casting machine users during 4th to 14th of February, 2019 at 2 locations in Bengaluru (Karnataka), 3 locations in Gurugram (Haryana).

We presented “Feature and Mechanical System of UB-iS3/Middle Size Machine and UB-iV/Large Size Machine”, “Maintenance and Troubleshooting”, “Casting Theory and Solution of Casting Defects” inviting 100 customers.

Afterward, we had a reception. It was a great opportunity for us communicating with many customers.

The Indian automotive market became the fourth largest in the world in 2018. And it’s expected to expand more rapidly in future. And we also expect this market is important for our die casting machine business. We will hold this technical school and serve the best performance continuously.

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