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Conclusion of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Partnership
With SCG Cement Co., Ltd.

UBE Machinery Corporation, Ltd. (hereinafter UMC) is pleased to announce that UMC signed on MOU for comprehensive partnership with SCG Cement Co., Ltd. (hereinafter SCG) on 11 March, 2019.

SCG is a subsidiary of The Siam Cement Public Company Ltd., Thailand’s largest manufacturing conglomerate company, and has its cement plants in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and other countries in South East Asia.
UMC has provided a lot of equipment including Vertical Roller Mills and after-sales services to SCG’s cement plants both within and outside Thailand.

This MOU has been established to explore mutual cooperation and opportunities between SCG and UMC.

Based on it, SCG and UMC will expand collaboration in Service, Manufacturing, and Development businesses mainly relating to Vertical Roller Mills and Kilns and Furnaces.

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