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Signing of License Agreement for Vertical Roller Mills
with AMCL Machinery Ltd.

UBE Machinery Corporation, Ltd. (hereinafter UMC) is pleased to announce that UMC signed a license agreement for the design, manufacture and commissioning of Vertical Roller Mills for cement plants and related applications on exclusive basis for India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan with AMCL Machinery Limited (hereinafter AMCL) in India on May 30th, 2019.

AMCL, a group company of India’s leading glass container manufacturer, Hindusthan National Glass & Industries, has been a manufacturer of industrial machines for over forty years.
AMCL has mainly been engaged in the production of Vertical Roller pre-Grinding Mills for cement plants across India and the Middle East, and Rubber and Tire Building Machines for the Indian tire industry.

This license agreement has been signed to explore mutual cooperation and opportunities between AMCL and UMC.

AMCL and UMC will cooperate to expand the Vertical Roller Mill business in the South Asian market where the cement demand is expected to increase significantly.

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