Various cranes

UBE manufactures cranes appropriate for diverse work environments, including cranes for various power stations, iron manufacturing and steelmaking, and shipbuilding.

Overhead travelling crane

This is the most sensible crane that takes into account factors such as operating ratio, load factor, running speed, and working environment. UBE handles a wide selection from low-speed types to ultrahigh-speed types for rigorous operations.

Overhead travelling crane
290t/60t Overhead travelling crane

Gantry crane

There are gate-type, half-gate type, and gate-type with cantilever that can be utilized at a variety of sites, including steelworks, shipyards, railways, and power stations.
150t/50t gantry crane

Jib crane

The structural section is a metric structure that uses replacements, etc, while the machine part is a construction that allows easy maintenance and inspection. The crane can be utilized at shipyard berths, docks, and general outdoor loading facilities.
20t/7t Jib crane300t/50t Jib Crane27t Level Luffing Crane with Double Lever Jib
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