This machine dries materials such as coal, carbon, and minerals. There are rotary dryers with a rotating horizontal barrel and vertical dryers.

Rotary dryer features

Most have a barrel measuring 1m to 5m. There are also parallel-flow dryers and counterflow dryers.
  • Handling is easy, enabling extended, consecutive operation
  • Perfect for processing large capacity
  • Lifter shape and arrangement are taken into account for significant drying efficiency
  • Indirect heating types are also manufactured to prevent contamination with impurities (for carbon)
  • Some have a concentral installed for highly efficient drying

Vertical dryer

  • Low-temperature drying for coal with a safe structure that prevents ignition drying
  • Inexpensive running cost
  • Small installation area

Paddle Dryers: Features

Paddle dryer is of fluid mixing type, and has both aerating and mixing function, that enables high speed and efficient drying of products. Compact body size makes drying less demanding on factory space and lower initial cost makes investment easy.
Puddle dryer is better suited to drying high moisture sludge (or clay), and revitalizing waste materials as useful resources is made possible easily.
High temperature gas (435deg.C) is directly exposed to drying materials, and this mechanism enables use of factory waste energy (exhaust gas) to be utilized.
Paddle Dryer
Paddle Dryer  Structural Drawing
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