Rotary kiln

A rotary kiln is an apparatus that uses a high-temperature heat source to fire raw materials such as cement raw material, limestone, and magnesia that have been loaded into a rotating kiln. Since combustion is easy to control, it can also be used to incinerate noncombustible objects, such as industrial waste and marine life that has greatly varied physical properties that cannot be controlled at other incinerators.

A long record

Numerous rotary kilns have been supplied to fire cement clinker at UBE Group’s Cement Plant, as well as to overseas cement companies.
UBE has also delivered the world’s largest kiln, measuring 6m in body diameter and nearly 200m long.

Extremely reliable

The UBE Group produces cement, quick lime, and magnesia clinker using advanced firing techniques based on many years of experience. This is maximized to enable UBE to supply comprehensive equipment that includes before/after apparatus, equipment such as intake/outtake, combustion equipment, and dust collecting.
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