Steam Tube Dryer

Steam Tube Dryer is of a high coefficient energy transmission plant. The drying is done indirectly by the steam via heat transmission tubes, which enables large volume, continuous drying.
Steam Tube Dryer


Steam Tube Dryer is an indirect heating chamber that contains numerous heat transfer tubes. Through the rotary joint, the energy source (steam) is lead into the manifold, then into numerous heat transfer tubes inside the rotating cylinder (chamber) body. The drying object is introduced to the body by screw type conveyor, and is dried by touching the steam heated tube surfaces. The vapor generated from the drying object is exhausted outside by the carrier gas.
The drying is controlled by the steam temperature (pressure) and the duration of time inside the body.
Conceptual Drawing
Conceptual Model

High Volume, Continuous Drying made possible

Simple construction is better suited for continuous, high volume drying.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Changing material characteristics (volume, moisture contents) can be adjusted by changing steam temperature and duration of drying time inside the chamber.

High heat efficiency

High heat efficiency compared to other dryer type.

Compact Exhaust Gas Process System

Indirect heating requires minimum carrier gas, thereby, requiring small exhaust gas treatment system.

Collaborating Drying Technology with Milling Technology

Proper drying is often required for such materials as coal and its milling process. UMC has accumulated knowledge and abundance of experience with Vertical mill and its process, which enables UMC to propose an optimum proposal from drying to milling programs.

Drying Test In A Test plant

In order to meet the need of a variety of drying needs, UMC has built a test plan in the factory. This test plant is accompanied by boiler, exhaust gas treatment facility, and other equipment that enables test results to reflect closer to actual drying process.  

Optimizing Drying to Milling Process Test

UMC has a Vertical mill test unit near STD test plant, which enables testing to find combined results of drying and milling in one consistent test. As one example, a testing for a coal burning power generation plant on “coal drying and milling process” can be carried out in an environment that is closer to reality.
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