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Production & Quality

For a century we have established reliable manufacturing through technology, facilities, and human resources development.
A variety of products are created not through mass production, but through the “individual orders” that form the manufacturing foundation at UBE MACHINERY.
We provide products and services that our customers can trust through quality management, quality assurance system, devotion to technology improvement, adoption of production facilities, and training of skilled technicians that support that foundation.

Production facilities/capabilities

Passing on skills and improving abilities

Meeting the diverse and globally evolving customer needs through individual orders requires relevant creative originality, a spirit of challenge, and the reliable skills of each employee. Our company focuses on unique human resources development that supports manufacturing.
We opened the Monodzukuri Center in October 2007 with the aim of passing on, fostering, and developing technology.
In the Heavy Machinery Works at our company, the Machines/Assembly Subdivision is established within the center, and the Can Manufacturing/Welding Subdivision is established in the Industrial Machinery and Steel Structure Works to promote the passing on and study of skills.

Quality, Environment and Safety

We fully address customer needs from manufacturing through quality inspection and installation, through advanced technology and flexible thinking.
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