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Casting simulation system, ADSTEFAN

ADSTEFAN is a powerful tool to help accelerate and guide the mold design process. Meeting the needs of the actual casting floor, this software can contribute to a wide range of areas, from improving quality and productivity, to shortening lead-time and passing on technical skills.
*ADSTEFAN is a registered trademark of Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd. in Japan and other countries.
The world's fastest solver, ADSTEFAN swiftly reproduces casting phenomena enabling you to quickly reflect it in your mold design. And with its parallel processing function, you can boost analytical speed even further. Mesh count & analysis time (example)Effects of parallel processing
Highly accurate analysis is made possible through the development efforts and integrity verification conducted by Hitachi, universities and UBE.
Comparison of visualization test and analysis results (example)Temperature comparison of actual measurements and analysis (example)
Extensive analytical functions enable the reproduction of a wide variety of phenomena that takes place on the casting floor.
Fluidity analysis Solidification analysis Other
  • Fluidity analysis
  • Back pressure, gas-liquid two-phase flow (factoring in surge pressure)
  • High precision fluidity analysis (mixed elements, CIP)
  • Analysis of molten metal behavior within sleeve
  • Factors in surface tension
  • Solidification analysis (hot-water adding function)
  • Shrinkage cavity shape analysis
  • Partial pressurization analysis
  • Mold temperature analysis (factoring in internal cooling and spray)
  • Thermal stress analysis
  • Heat treatment analysis
  • Gradient casting
  • Continuous casting
  • ESR analysis
  • Temperature mapping function
User-friendly design allows for seamless progression from designing the shape to assessing results.
Should any problems occur, our UBE engineers will respond quickly to provide technical casting support and solutions.
We can accommodate a wide range of casting process needs-from die-casting to gravity casting and low-pressure casting.
Wide range of processes
Internal cooling design
Based on our unique parameters, ADSTEFAN predicts with high accuracy steady-state temperature distribution in molds while factoring in cooling holes. Then by verifying the temperature balance of the mold, it prevents seizing and examines shortening the cycle time.
And by examining the diameter and depth of the cooling holes as well as the temperature and flow rate of the cooling water, it predicts the size and position of shrinkage cavities to create the optimal internal cooling design.
Cooling plan
Comparison of final solidification positions
External cooling design
Factoring in the spray route, distance, angle and pressure, the software predicts the temperature distribution of the mold. Spray conditions are then adjusted optimize the temperature balance of the mold, thereby preventing seizing and shortening cycle time. External cooling design
Gate/runner plan
Through analysis of fluidity and solidification, ADSTEFAN predicts problems in the gate and runner design. It then designs the optimal shape for the gate and runner based on a variety of assessment indicators including fill behavior, gate inflow balance, and solidification morphology. Gate/runner design

Injection condition design
The software predicts the behavior of the molten metal in the sleeve and mold based on injection conditions that factor pouring and machine characteristics. Problems such as turbulence in the molten metal and drop in temperature are diagnosed in advance to create optimized condition settings. Injection condition design
ADSTEFAN predicts the amount of gas that remains in the product and designs the exhaust passage. Various ventilation processes—including our own GF method—are compared and assessed to create the optimal exhaust conditions. Exhaust passage design
The software predicts the effects of the pressure pin through analysis of partial pressurization to determine optimal size, timing, and insertion speed of the pressure pin. Partial pressurization design

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