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New and unique technologies

Hybrid Fill Casting

Newly developed casting process utilizes both air and hydraulic pressure during filling, making this the ideal casting system for large, thin-walled parts like automobile suspensions, or pressure-tight parts. Suitable for achieving lighter parts in hybrid and electric vehicles.
Hybrid Fill Casting
Hybrid Fill Casting/Low-pressure die casting machine

All-electric die casting machine

The world’s first all-electric die casting machine has been developed to demonstrate a variety of advantages, including energy efficiency and reduced maintenance. Demonstrating a variety of advantages, including curbing electric power consumption, shortening set-up time, and decreasing maintenance load during operation by eliminating oil hydraulics.
All-electric die casting machine
All-electric die casting machine

Electric servo valve

A direct drive electric servo valve was developed with unique technology to achieve repeated, high-level precision and disturbance stabilization through partial control of low to high speeds necessary in die casting.

Variable filling control

P-ACC gas pressure control utilizes a special valve developed by UBE to simultaneously optimize speed and power during filling, resulting in the world’s first technology that extends the life for dies and improved casting quality.

Vacuum casting

The gas free (GF) method is a vacuum casting system that is an industry first. Decompression in the cavity is completed in a short time, the involvement of gas produced in the filling process is decreased, and the amount of gas contained in the product is greatly reduced.
Compatible models (options)
• UB-iV series  • UB-iS3 series
• UB-iS2 series  • UB-iC series
• UHseries
Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting


This technology molds sophisticated, multicolored molding products rotating two different cavities.


During the molding process different types of resin material are injected into the molded material. This is anticipated to have a wide range of uses, including high functionality and weight saving in automobile parts.


This technology has often been utilized in skin material insert molding and foamed resin molding because the opening and clamping capacity of the die can be precisely controlled.
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